Co-development POC’s – Innovation

In software development, a Proof of Concept (PoC) can be a vital tool to demonstrate the software’s capabilities and its fit with the client’s requirements. A PoC is a challenging topic, especially when a company is trying to involve their clients in the process. The company that comes up with a software idea is usually convinced of its relevance. And clients usually don’t want to spend time on something that is not proven. However, a co-development can bring competitive advantage to both parties.

A PoC has a lot to do with the technical viability of a product rather than its market potential. But since software development and commercial success go hand in hand, one cannot be seen without the other. It isn’t meant to have a direct impact on the market, but it does influence it indirectly. An effective PoC bridges the gap between expectations and reality. It’s a process aimed at either determining whether a software idea can actually be built (at all or at reasonable cost), or finding the most useful features for the user or customer. No matter which PoC strategy you will go for, there are benefits waiting for you:

  • A software company can avoid spending a lot of money on something that is not viable technology-wise or suited for the market, by working with realistic functional pre-requisites and business impact assessments.
  • A customer can reap the benefits of new features quicker than its competitors, create a business case that has the right parameters and at the same time influence the priorities of further development in its favor.

Since getting a proof of concept in software development requires great expertise in both software development and the specific field of expertise of the client, co-development is ideal.

smartShift has proven itself in automated technology, especially in the HANA code compatibility area. It is expanding its S/4 custom code conversion capabilities and performing multiple co-development PoC’s with clients in the process. These PoC’s are giving clients the opportunity to become front runners in the latest automation technology features.