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Cracking the Code with Simone Porcu Partner, SAP Practice IBM

“Cracking the Code” explains, why we do what we do. From our inception to the present day, smartShift has evolved in harmony with the ever-changing landscape of SAP and the evolving needs of esteemed customers like Jabil, IBM and many more.
Simone Porcu, Partner – SAP Practice at IBM, explains how and why only smartShift was able to do the job of migrating tens of years of custom code to S/4HANA for IBM’s own SAP systems: 5 million lines of custom code, 30,000 custom objects, 150,000 users. 

“As IBM we often think we can do it all. But we also have the humility to acknowledge that there are situations when a partner is better equipped to provide a specific expertise and required talent. And this was certainly one of those cases with smartShift.”

Listen to Simone Porcu, Partner – SAP Practice IBM,  in the above video

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