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SAP Dual Maintenance

Transform At The Speed of Light with SAP Dual Maintenance Automation

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Keeping code synchronized between production and project systems is highly risky and a wasteful allocation of critical development resources. Focus your developers on driving business innovation instead with smartShift’s Automated Dual Maintenance solution. Our AI-powered technology keeps your business moving at full speed, working in the background to compare, merge, and transform new code to ensure 100% compatibility at go-live faster and more efficiently than humanly possible.

Enable Modernization Without Disruption

Automated Dual Maintenance reduces code freezes to a bare minimum to keep day-to-day operations uninterrupted during your S/4HANA upgrade.

Minimize S/4HANA Conversion Risks With Automation

Large-scale SAP upgrade projects are a massive undertaking, requiring meticulous documentation of every change to ensure there are no significant gaps at go-live. And one wrong line of code can cost your business significant time and money. smartShift Automated Dual Maintenance meticulously uncovers, resolves, and tracks all system discrepancies and conflicts. It guarantees that merged code is free of errors faster and more efficiently than humanly possible to accelerate business transformation and guarantee peace of mind.

Modernize your business without disrupting day-to-day operations with Automated Dual Maintenance from smartShift.

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