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Cracking the Code with Jim Soboleski, VP Cloud ERP, SAP

“Cracking the Code” explains, why we do what we do. From our inception to the present day, smartShift has evolved in harmony with the ever-changing landscape of SAP and the evolving needs of esteemed customers like Jabil, IBM and many more.

Listen to SAP’s own perspective on how SAP’s ERP has evolved over 50 years, adapting to changing business landscapes. Discover the strategic move to S/4HANA Cloud, fostering flexibility while minimizing technical debt. Embrace the future with cloud-delivered ERP, ensuring agility, scalability, and innovation. Explore the transformative journey to a clean core with smartShift.

“Transforming your organization to a cloud-based environment is a big project; no one’s going to say it’s not. But we have tools and services and partners to help manage some of those big rocks and the big concerns to make them more manageable, to make you agile, make you flexible and give you that sustainable environment we talked about.”

Listen to Jim Soboleski, VP Cloud ERP, SAP, in the above video

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