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Code Consolidation & Carve Out

De-Risk Merger,Acquisitions, and Divestitures

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Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are massive ventures that create unique challenges for your SAP systems. Burdened by decades of legacy custom code, these projects are inherently time-consuming and complex — requiring unrealistic amounts of manual labor that leave room for costly errors. With the power of smartShift Intelligent Automation®, we can automatically disentangle years of custom code to accurately accelerate and de-risk your SAP data consolidation and SAP carve-out projects.

Expedited Solutions For Time-Sensitive Ventures

Our technology delivers an error-free result 75% faster than traditional methods.

Don’t Let IT Issues Stall Your Business Strategy

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The success of your merger, acquisition, or divesture depends on timely and accurate IT reconciliation. Our AI-powered approach simplifies the complexity left by years of custom code to support business transformation and deliver error-free results with unprecedented speed. With the ability to automatically resolve code conflicts, rename conflicting objects and dependencies, and merge user exits, DDIC enhancements, workflows, and more, our technology takes the burden off your developers’ shoulders to speed up and de-risk the entire process.

Plan, simulate, and execute transformations with unprecedented speed and quality.

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