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Proactive AI-Powered SAP Code Security Solutions

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Enterprise security is a multidimensional, evolving challenge that impacts the entire technology stack. smartShift Intelligent Automation® identifies and resolves all code security vulnerabilities to deliver a clean and more compliant end result. We combine innovative technology, industry expertise, and expert support to immediately and intelligently clear compliance hurdles — or avoid them entirely in the first place.

Our SAP Code Security solution leverages AI algorithms and advanced automated rules to detect and resolve vulnerabilities in your custom ABAP code. From introducing authorization checks to preventing directory traversal and code injection attacks, we ensure that your custom code meets the highest security standards without disrupting your business operations.

smartShift’s non-disruptive framework first implements a logging mechanism that provides instant audit compliance while providing data that allows your security team to devise the right changes to the SAP security model. Once the security model changes are made, the framework switches the logging off and updates the code to fully enforce secure access. This ensures seamless security compliance with maximum coverage and minimal user impact.

Resolve Every Code Security Vulnerability Automatically

We offer the only solution on the market that uses Intelligent Automation to automate security hardening for SAP-based business applications.

SAP Code Security Solutions by smartShift

Non-Disruptive Code Security Enhancement

Wе enhance code security without disrupting your business operations. We implement security changes using a non-disruptive framework, starting with “soft enforcement”  of authorizations. This approach allows us to log access and ensure proper role definitions before switching to hard authorizations. This means that your team can continue to work seamlessly while we secure your system.

Automated Authorization Checks

Automatically detect and insert missing authorization checks to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive functions

Soft Enforcement Mode

Implement security changes in a soft enforcement mode, logging access without immediate enforcement. This allows the security team to adjust permissions without disrupting users.

Directory Traversal Prevention

Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities such as directory traversal, preventing unauthorized file access by manipulating input variables in vulnerable ABAP code.

Prevent Code Injection

Automatically detect and correct potential code injection points, safeguarding your system from malicious code execution.

Comprehensive Security Rules

Our solution includes a wide range of security rules, including those for missing authorization checks, code injection, OS calls, and file/kernel access. Each rule is designed to detect and resolve specific vulnerabilities in your custom SAP code.

A Smarter, More Secure Way To Stay Compliant

Unlike other solutions that only fix vulnerabilities deemed to be top priorities, our AI-powered technology is able to accurately and efficiently address every security issue in your custom code — because even the smallest security threat can cost your business. smartShift intelligently analyzes issues and implements a non-disruptive, phased approach to security remediation that keeps your business processes fully intact while all underlying factors are addressed. With our consultative approach to security, we put your unique compliance needs at the forefront of every decision we make.

Let smartShift implement a custom code security solution tailored to your compliance needs.

Why smartShift’s SAP Code Security Solution?

Automated Security Rules

Our solutions leverage automation to detect and correct a wide range of security issues:

  • Missing Authorization Checks: Automatically insert authorization checks where they are absent to ensure only authorized users access sensitive code.
  • Directory Traversal Vulnerabilities: Detect and prevent potential exploits that could allow unauthorized access to files on your server.
  • Code Injection Prevention: Identify and mitigate risks related to code injection attacks.
  • OS Calls and File System Access: Monitor and control operating system calls and file system access to prevent unauthorized operations.

Enhanced compliance

smartShift’s solutions facilitate compliance with industry standards and simplify audit preparations. Our automated logging and reporting tools help you meet audit requirements surfaced by security tools such as SAP’s CVA and Onapsis.

Seamless security enhancements

Our non-disruptive framework logs access and allows for incremental security enhancements without impacting user experience.

Collaboration with security tools

We align our findings with findings from other tools, such as SAP’s Code Vulnerability Analyzer (CVA) and Onapsis, thereby helping apply security fixes and alleviate the implementation of those findings.

Comprehensive coverage

smartShift’s SAP Code Security solution ensures all potential security issues are identified and addressed, significantly reducing the risk of vulnerabilities.

Future-Proofing and Continuous Improvement

smartShift continuously monitors and updates our security rules to address new threats and SAP guidelines. Our AI models evolve to enhance security measures, ensuring your SAP system remains protected against future vulnerabilities.

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