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For businesses, complex and heavily-customized legacy SAP environments create an unclear — and often daunting — path to modernization. The conventional approach to migrating and optimizing custom code is time-consuming, inefficient, and risky. smartShift Intelligent Automation® offers a better way to address your custom code.

smartShift Automation vs. Conventional Approach

Traditionally, you have to staff up (or outsource to) a development team who spends months attempting to manually address only “high priority” issues. This can leave thousands of latent issues, some of which can bring your business to a halt. smartShift automation addresses every issue with 99.99% precision to deliver a guaranteed result in weeks.

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Comprehensive solution that goes far beyond the minimum in less time

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Data-driven evaluation considering every compatibility and stability requirement

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Automatically identifies and resolves 100% of compatibility issues

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Highest-quality results with limited human involvement

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Fixed price, fixed timeline delivery with a guaranteed outcome

Other Competitors

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Typically an uncertain bucket of hours that budgets for critical fixes only

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“Find-and-replace” analysis that barely scratches the surface

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Many latent risks and issues go undetected and unresolved

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Requires hiring or redirecting costly and scarce developer resources

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No guarantees with risk of scope creep and project delays

A Better Way to Handle Custom Code

Our solutions work together to analyze and transform custom code efficiently, synchronize it between parallel landscapes, and refine it to help businesses embrace — not avoid — SAP upgrades.

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Custom Code Analysis

Custom Code Transformation

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Clean Core Analysis

Clean Core Realization

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Modern SAP Environment

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Automated Dual Maintenance

Is Intelligent Automation Right for Your Business?

Faster, more predictable, and more intelligent processes are suitable for nearly all businesses in every industry. If any of these scenarios resonate with you, let’s connect.

You can’t afford to spend months on custom code for an SAP upgrade.

Conventional custom code remediation is a vast unknown in the middle of any critical SAP upgrade. Our automation is fast, accurate, and guaranteed.

You need a final result that’s guaranteed to work.

Manual efforts leave a lot of legacy code untouched, which could cause issues in production. smartShift Intelligent Automation tackles 100% of compatibility issues to deliver 99.99% precision, backed by ironclad SLAs.

You need to focus developers on strategic tasks.

Manually migrating and optimizing SAP custom code takes thousands of hours of developer time. Automation frees your team to focus on driving your business forward instead.

You need a solution that works today and in the future.

SAP upgrades are massive undertakings that businesses often put off until the last minute. Automation accelerates and de-risks the process to help businesses remove barriers to innovation.

Your business can't afford to slow down.

Traditional SAP upgrades slow down operations and leave room for error. Dual Maintenance Automation synchronizes code in production and project landscapes to ensure no gaps at go-live.

You need a solution that works today and in the future.

SAP upgrades are massive undertakings that businesses often put off until the last minute. Automation accelerates and de-risks the process to help businesses remove barriers to innovation.

Factors to Consider

Manual code remediation can take about 8 months on average. This timeline includes analysis, quality assurance time, and deployment, plus extra time to account for the error rate inherent to manual development. With smartShift automation, we increase the speed at every step, transforming your code in weeks instead of months.

Conventional methods subjectively estimate the project’s cost. More often than not, the cost increases over time as new issues are discovered. Our intelligent analysis finds and fixes every compatibility issue at the forefront of the project to provide a guaranteed, fixed-cost, and fixed-timeline proposal.

Conventional approaches limit the amount of custom code you can address. It’s a subjective process that leaves behind a lot of unnecessary risks. Our patented technology is the only solution that goes beyond “find-and-replace” to intelligently analyze and fix 100% of your critical custom code issues with 99.99% precision.

Traditional SAP custom code remediation requires code freezes to ensure that production changes can be moved into the project landscape. This puts business requirements on hold. Our AI-powered Dual Maintenance solution automatically compares, merges, and transforms production and project code to reduce business disruption to a bare minimum and ensure that 100% of your code is available at go-live.

smartShift automation is the only way to address 100% of the critical issues in your codebase. Plus, our comprehensive approach goes above and beyond compatibility to also address performance, cloud compatibility, decommissioning, security, stability, and more. It is impossible to address these with any conventional approach.

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