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Code Analysis & Transformation

SAP Custom Code Analysis Services to Accelerate Your S/4HANA Upgrade

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For innovative businesses, SAP transformations are unavoidable. But the idea of managing a manual code remediation workstream at the center of a massive SAP upgrade project is enough to stop many businesses — and their plans for growth — in their tracks. smartShift Intelligent Automation® delivers unprecedented quality with guaranteed results, making your path to business transformation simpler, faster, and more predictable. Our fixed-timeline and fixed-cost solutions take all the guesswork out of code upgrades with an end result that’s 1,000x more accurate and 100% guess-free.

Benefits of SAP S/4HANA Custom Code Review by smartShift

We offer an unmatched solution for custom code remediation that reduces risks and fast-tracks business innovation.

Future-Proof Your Business With Guaranteed Results

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Managing SAP upgrades is complex, broad-reaching, and anxiety-inducing for both technical and business stakeholders. Through deep analysis and innovative technology, smartShift Intelligent Automation transforms code more efficiently and comprehensively than any other method. We cut through complexity to implement common-sense solutions that free you to innovate while minimizing technical debt. Our transformation rules cover S/4HANA, HANA, Unicode Compatibility, performance, security, code modernization, cloud readiness, consolidation, and more. When you need a remediation solution that frees up key personnel and delivers guaranteed results, there is no better option than smartShift.

smartShift’s AI-powered solutions provide a better way to migrate and optimize SAP custom code.

Get Your Free Rapid Code Analysis

See first-hand what our technology can do for your SAP upgrade project. Sign up for a free custom code analysis today.

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