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SAP + smartShift – Offsetting Migration and Transformation Costs

System Integrators (SIs) and SAP customers need to work on their SAP custom code remediaton approach during their S/4HANA Journey.

SAP is announcing a limited-time offer that may reduce the cost of migration up to 50% and shorten the time to value.

SAP and smartShift are aligned when it comes to making it easier for customers to move from ECC to S/4HANA. In fact, SAP’s largest and most important customers already turn to smartShift for help with their S/4 transformations. Offering patented, AI-Powered solutions for custom code transformation, automated dual maintenance and clean core realization, smartShift helps SAP customers meet their project timelines and remove the risk of business disruptions – with its fast, accurate and guaranteed solutions. 

“The benefit of partnering with someone like smartShift is – is we could take that custom code down to a standard practice and a very easable service for the customers to say – how much of it do you need, how much of it is standard, and the stuff that you do need for custom and unique and differentiate ability – we can help you package it up and move it into the cloud layer and take that first step towards a clean core. So that’s why I’m always happy to partner with smartShift and do those kinds of things” – Jim Soboleski – VP Cloud ERP – SAP

Listen to Jim Soboleski, VP Cloud ERP – SAP, Derek Oats, CEO – smartShift, in the above video.

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