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Code Decommissioning

Build a Strong Foundation For Innovation With Code Decommissioning

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Some experts estimate that each line of code costs over $2 per year to maintain. Considering that a typical SAP system has millions of lines of code — and only about 50% utilization — hanging on to unused code can cost your business a lot of time and money. Even worse, it opens the door to security threats and slows your innovation ability. Our AI-powered code decommissioning solution accurately identifies and automatically removes unused code to optimize your codebase and prime you for future innovation.

Safely Eliminate Security Risk and Technical Debt

Unused code adds time, complexity, and risk to your ongoing operations — we’re here to help.

Automatically Reduce Custom Code Security Threats

Over time, evolving standards and technologies can make your custom code less relevant and secure. And in the midst of planning a business transformation, it can be a costly and time-consuming roadblock. smartShift Intelligent Automation® analyzes the intricacies of your custom code to discover what can be removed and what needs to be retained to ensure the integrity of your codebase. Our AI-powered solution delivers immediate results that reduce your technical debt and free your developers to focus on strategic innovation.

Add a layer of certainty to the process of code decommissioning with smartShift.

Get Your Free Rapid Code Analysis

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