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Code Security

Proactive AI-Powered SAP Code Security Solutions

Enterprise security is a multidimensional, evolving challenge that impacts the entire technology stack. smartShift Intelligent Automation® identifies and resolves all code security vulnerabilities to deliver a faster, more compliant end result. We combine innovative technology, ample industry expertise, and expert support to immediately and intelligently clear compliance hurdles — or avoid them entirely in the first place. And we do it with a phased, non-disruptive approach that minimizes the impact on your day-to-day business operations.

Resolve Every Code Security Vulnerability Automatically

Our platform is the only solution on the market that uses Intelligent Automation to automate security hardening for SAP-based business applications. 

A Smarter, More Secure Way To Stay Compliant

Unlike other solutions that only fix vulnerabilities deemed to be top priorities, our AI-powered technology is able to accurately and efficiently address every security issue in your custom code — because even the smallest security threat can cost your business. smartShift intelligently analyzes issues and implements a non-disruptive, phased approach to security remediation that keeps your business processes fully intact while all underlying factors are addressed. With our consultative approach to security, we put your unique compliance needs at the forefront of every decision we make.

Let smartShift implement a custom code security solution tailored to your compliance needs.

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