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Leverage the Power of IT Modernization

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Leverage the Power of IT Modernization

Research shows that roughly 80 percent of IT resources go to the maintenance of IT operations and systems. Modernizing IT in any sector is widely perceived as not easy and expensive, but the risks of holding onto legacy systems are many. While companies are striving to satisfy evolving customer demands, new technologies and processes are adopted to increase the speed of doing business. In most cases, customized systems and applications will be implemented into existing IT environments.

Customized applications are perceived as a means to accelerate business response, innovate business approaches and simplify business operations. A McKinsey study in 2013 showed that 40% of IT executives worry that their organizations will not keep pace with technology change and consequently would lose their competitive edge. In addition, they perceive these applications also increase complexity, and processes raise the cost of maintenance and complicate the management and integration of the IT landscape.They experience the following: (1) custom applications are mission-critical and can’t be disrupted, (2) every application is unique and there are no tools to support transformation out of the box, (3) just like the applications every transformation project will be custom and (4) to make a transformation, you need people and tools with understanding of both your applications and the new road ahead.

When modernization is prevented and transformation to the latest technologies is being perceived as too expensive or too big of a risk, companies will lose their flexibility.

smartShift developed a technology platform to overcome these challenges and uses patented processes for automated transformation.The platform enables customers to convert custom applications to meet business requirements in an automated and risk-free way. Automated transformation benefits include automated, algorithm-based configured tools aligned to your individual landscape, industry standards and corporate standards. It handles 20+ computer languages. The result: reduced process bottlenecks, quick and riskless upgrades to state-of-the-art technology and less dependency on IT partners.

The advantages of automated modernization and transformation are multiple:

  • Dramatically reduce the time and resources historically required through a manual approach for enterprise IT transformations
  • Reap the benefits of sophisticated solution design and rule sets
  • Ensure extensive compliance and security standards with comprehensive format handling and data translation
  • Accommodate all data types, and increasing data transaction volumes with any-to-any transformation
  • Rapidly onboard new connections to facilitate the exchange of all data between systems, applications, and external partners

IT modernization is the continuous evolution of an organization’s existing applications and infrastructure software, with the goal of aligning IT with shifting business strategies. IT modernization implies the acquisition and deployment of modern technologies—along with their associated skill sets and capabilities—to replace legacy environments, without having to start from scratch. Simplifying the IT landscape of your company reduces TCO while improving the agility of your mission critical custom application.

smartShift provides a comprehensive automated transformation solution that accelerates application integration, allowing companies to integrate any system or application faster than traditional methods. Modernization of your IT Landscape allows you to become the Agile Enterprise your customers and business partners asking you to be.

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