Kickstart Explosive Growth with a CLEAN CORE Approach from SAP

Over the years, SAP customers have built custom objects with ABAP development when out-of-box functionality from SAP didn’t cover all their business needs. While important to businesses, the older code is brittle and tightly coupled, making maintenance and upgrades difficult. Most importantly, the custom code often hinders business agility and opportunity for real business growth. SAP has recognized the challenges from the legacy architecture of custom code and has enabled an SAP S/4HANA CLEAN CORE architecture.

CLEAN CORE decouples and implements custom code with minimal dependencies to the core ERP system while simplifying maintainability and future upgrade processes. The million-dollar question (no pun intended) is how to make this dream a reality.

Key Takeaways

  • How, with a clean core and nicely decoupled applications, you gain (back) agility from both a business and technical perspective
  • How to consider a CLEAN CORE approach while keeping in mind your business agility, commonality and scalability needs
  • How automation can massively expedite your time to value from where you are now (classical ABAP SAP customizations) to the CLEAN CORE SAP future 

Key Speakers

  • Scott Loose, Vice President of Solutions, smartShift Technologies
  • Matt Aucella, SVP Sales & Partnerships, NA, smartShift Technologies
View the ASUG webcast to learn how to modernize your mission-critical SAP custom development architecture without losing your prior investments in the code that differentiates your business with revolutionary smartShift Intelligent Automation®.