DSAG Annual Congress 2022: Dealing with the shortage of skilled workers and case study on S/4HANA transformation with Procter & Gamble

The DSAG Annual Congress 2022 in Leipzig showed that on several fronts we are absolutely on the right track with our approach to S/4HANA transformation based on smartShift Intelligent Automation®. No other approach can match the speed and quality of our solutions, especially in complex environments. Many of our existing customers confirm this to us again and again.

At the DSAG Annual Congress, we had the honor of delivering two presentations: an Espresso Session focusing on “Dealing with the shortage of skilled workers” and our project presentation on S/4HANA Transformation with Procter & Gamble, in which many of the advantages of our approach were highlighted from the customer’s perspective.

In case you either missed these presentations or would like to see them again, we’ve provided them for download in the original German, or translated into English:

Related Notes:

smartShift’s Chief Strategy Officer, Arndt Hoffmann, also addressed the issue of skills shortages in a recent article in E-3 Magazine. Read more here.