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Do More With Less During COVID – Automated Code Remediation for SAP

Do More With Less During COVID – Automated Code Remediation for SAP

By Derek Oats, EVP & GM Business Development
In the COVID-19 world, there has arguably never been more pressure on business and IT leaders to “do more with less.” These leaders are routinely challenged with prioritizing strategic initiatives with shrinking budgets and limited manual resources. The competition never stops, and the show must go on.  

With this pressure, the spotlight eventually lands directly on the ability to automate manual tasks, if at all possible. For an SAP customer, much of the focus — and rightly so — goes towards understanding custom code complexity and history. There are several driving factors to the pain associated with trying to make heads or tails out of this massive vat of spaghetti code conundrum.  

1. Nobody Keeps it Real Anymore. It is very difficult for customers to get accurate information on the costs and debt associated with SAP code remediation.

2. Does Anybody Have a Flathead Screwdriver, and Do I Actually Need It? If an SAP customer asks five trusted advisors, “Do I need tools for code remediation and which ones do I use?” they will typically get five different answers.

3. Highlighting the Problem Without Providing a Solution. There is a big difference between analyzing and understanding what needs to be remediated and actually remediating! And you do not want partial solutions but guaranteed outcomes.

4. Am I bringing a Butter Knife to a Cane Patch? Are you an SAP customer that is not aware of the significant value of automated code remediation and one that has only been presented with only a people-based manual effort approach?  

If you are looking at your roadmap to S/4HANA and wondering how you can prepare today, or if you are looking to better understand your entire SAP ecosystem and trying to strategically plan your SAP roadmap in the coming years, smartShift’s Automated Analysis and Transformation will help you along the way.

smartShift’s differentiated Intelligent Automation Platform is unique in three ways:

1. Automated system analysis enabling rapid understanding of the entire custom code base accelerating planning & project delivery

2. Automated ability to:

  • Modernize custom code to support all SAP projects, including S/4HANA, M&A, and system consolidations
  • Simplify existing custom code through decommissioning of obsolete code, accelerating adoption of future releases & simplifying upgrades

3. SLA-backed commitments on conversion time and quality leading to reduced risk & overall cost

  • Speed – 2 to 5 weeks guaranteed code conversion delivery
  • Quality – Error rates <0.1%

If you’d like to learn more about smartShift and how we can help you with automating the remediation and transformation of custom code as part of your SAP roadmap download our free guide or set up a free consultation with one of our experts today. 

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