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smartShift Automation Platform Saves Customer 30,000 Hours on SAP Migration

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smartShift Automation Platform Saves Customer 30,000 Hours on SAP Migration

Welcome to Episode 29 of the Cloud Wars Horizon Minute — featuring news and commentary hosted by Acceleration Economy analyst Tom Smith. Each episode provides insights into one or more Innovation Accelerators on the Cloud Wars Horizon.

This episode previews a case study that explains how JBS USA was able to migrate to SAP S/4 HANA and, in the process, avoid the investment of 30,000 developer man-hours.


00:25 — Tom poses the question: How much would it help your company to justify an ERP migration if you had guarantees for cost, delivery date and code quality. And you could save vast amounts of developer man hours?

01:20 — Consider the dollar value of 30,000 man-hours of developer time in your company and you’ll begin to understand the savings and value that JBS realized

01:35 — JBS’ SAP installation supports 10,000 users, 185 million transactions per month, 15-plus Tbytes of data, as well as 2.8 million lines of custom code that were analyzed for its upgrade.

01:55 — The automation tools came from a company you may not have heard of, named smartShift. The company, which will be profiled in the near term, makes an intelligent automation platform that analyzes, remediates, and transforms code for S/4 HANA on a guaranteed cost and time basis.

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