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Custom Code Analysis for S/4 Insight and Business Transformation

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Custom Code Analysis for S/4 Insight and Business Transformation

Like people, most organizations have a natural aversion to change. As such, change management for S/4 programs is critical but can be met with resistance, especially in defining standardization targets. That is why getting buy-in across the organization on standardization is essential.

In a new report co-authored by PwC and smartShift, we highlight the importance of starting business transformation by evaluating the current situation leveraging process mining and custom code analysis. 

The report emphasizes how custom code analysis provides a unique view on usage, the potential for back-to-standard or retirement, and an assessment of the business reasons to persist with select custom coding. Additionally, custom code analysis provides valuable insight into S/4 and HANA compatibility, performance impact, and general code quality. 

These insights are derived from benchmarks developed by smartShift from hundreds of custom code analyses of large SAP installations worldwide with, on average:

  • >30.000 custom objects
  • >3 million normalized lines of code
  • >500 Clones of SAP standard objects
  • 40–60% retirement potential for unused code, based on system usage statistics

Learn how PwC partners with smartShift’s Intelligent Automation platform to:

  • Scope, identify, and migrate technical bills of materials (TBOMs) based on business processes to be retained
  • Aggressively clean up unused code and establish a secure backup/restore process
  • Perform automated conversion of custom objects to HANA, S/4HANA, and modern coding standards
  • Regroup, rename, and cluster components to represent specific application clusters
  • Automate dual maintenance and retrofit to keep project landscapes synchronized.

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Download the full report for free to learn more about the critical role automated custom code analysis plays in demystifying standardization with SAP S/4HANA.

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