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Total Economic Impact Study Reveals 253% Return on Investment for Customers Using smartShift for SAP Code Transformation

Boston, June 26, 2023 – smartShift, a company offering SAP customers a better way to handle custom code, commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study to uncover the quantifiable benefits for organizations utilizing smartShift.

To gain comprehensive insights into the advantages, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed four representatives with extensive experience in using smartShift for SAP code transformation. Forrester consolidated the interviewees’ experiences and aggregated the results into a single composite organization. The composite represents a global organization with 180,000 employees, $86 billion in revenue, and three SAP systems requiring code transformation.

According to the study, the composite organization represented by interviewed smartShift customers experienced the following benefits:

Avoided costs of manual code transformation worth nearly $9.3 million over three years: By automating the code transformation process, smartShift enabled the composite organization to circumvent the high costs associated with manual code transformation. As a result, the composite saved a total of 191,000 labor hours, thanks to smartShift’s automation.

Reduced cost associated with custom code by 40%: smartShift empowered the composite organization to identify and eliminate 40% of its unused custom code within its SAP systems. This automated code decommissioning translated into substantial savings by reducing costs related to code maintenance, upgrades, and testing.

Lowered dual maintenance costs by 20%: smartShift’s automated dual maintenance process alleviates the burden of manual code synchronization between legacy and new systems. Consequently, the composite organization saved 20% of the 36 full-time equivalents (FTEs) it would have required to perform manual dual maintenance.

Reduced risk of business interruption by 5%: With smartShift, the composite organization effectively avoided code freezes and downtime events often associated with complex SAP conversions. These disruptions pose a risk of revenue loss during the freeze or downtime period. By leveraging smartShift’s capabilities, the composite organization mitigated an additional 5% risk of business interruption compared to manual best practices.

Derek Oats, CEO of smartShift, commented, “We are thrilled – we believe the findings of the Total Economic Impact™ study affirm the remarkable value smartShift brings to our customers. To us, the study underscores our commitment to delivering secure, stable, and optimized code in significantly reduced timeframes. Our patented AI-powered solutions continue to empower SAP customers worldwide, transforming their businesses efficiently and effectively.”

About smartShift

smartShift offers a better way for SAP customers to migrate and optimize their custom code. With its patented AI-powered solutions, smartShift delivers secure, stable, and optimized code in weeks rather than the months required by conventional approaches. smartShift is trusted by many of the world’s largest SAP customers and has been used to modernize over 3,000 SAP systems, converting over 2.5 billion lines of code. smartShift offers a fixed price, fixed timeline solution with a 100% quality guarantee.

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