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Clean Core X-Ray

Clean Core X-Ray™

Clean Core Analysis 1

SAP is evolving to embrace an Agile DevOps future where customization is aligned with business lines, changes can be rolled out in real-time, communication is standardized, and SAP upgrades are practically frictionless. smartShift Intelligent Automation® analyzes your current development frameworks to map the best path to adopting Clean Core paradigms.


Accelerating Your SAP Innovation Roadmap

Our industry-leading expertise gives us better insight into what Clean Core Modernization really means for you in real-world terms, delivering results in just a matter of weeks.

Decouple From Traditional Guesswork With smartShift

Clean Core Analysis2
Only a multi-factor analysis of custom SAP programs can ensure best-in-class results. Our proprietary analysis provides the insight to determine the modernization patterns that align with your unique business case for modernization. Existing custom code is evaluated, classified, and mapped to the best future-state architecture. Technical insights from automated analysis are reviewed and refined with you to align planning with your business case for Clean Core modernization. With your roadmap built, your risk is reduced, your decisions are more directed, and your runway is cleared.

Don’t avoid SAP innovation. Embrace Clean Core Modernization instead with fast, accurate, and guaranteed results from smartShift.

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See first-hand what our technology can do for your SAP upgrade project. Sign up for a free custom code analysis today.

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