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Mike Honeywell invites you to smartDay Dallas

Join Mike Honeywell and the smartShift Team, and speakers from SAP, IBM and SNP at the next smartDay on Oct 26 in Dallas! If you are making the move to S/4HANA come join us!

Tamara Derouselle invites you to SAP4U in Chicago

Join Tamara Derouselle and the smartShift Team at SAP4U, THE industry event for the utilities companies, presented by Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) Oct 9-11 in Chicago! Learn how Utilities companies made their Journey to...

Arndt Hoffmann and Malte Gärtner invite for the DSAG Annual Congress in Bremen

Arndt and Malte invite for the DSAG Annual Congress in Bremen. Meet you there in our presentations and at booth H1!

Caitlin Christopher invites you to the SmartDay Seattle 2023

Join Caitlin and our valued speakers Jaime Gutierrez, SAP, Leonard Maganza, Syniti, Cindy Kendall, JABIL and Scott Loose, smartShift, in this network hosting event on July 20th at The Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa in...

Arndt Hoffmann invites you to SNP Transformation World 2023 in Heidelberg

Arndt invites you to the SNP Transformation World 2023 in Heidelberg. Learn how data and code transformation work together!

Peter Mroch invites you to UKISUG in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Peter invites you to the 2023 UKISUG “Journey to S/4HANA” event in Belfast. Learn how to accelerate and de-risk your SAP transformation.

Dual Maintenance Automation: The Key to Uninterrupted Innovation

Learn how smartShift’s automation-enabled dual maintenance solutions allow companies to undertake large-scale SAP modernization projects without impacting the pace of their business-as-usual custom development efforts.

Modernize, Save, and Convert Your On-Premise SAP Landscape into a SaaS Model in the Public Cloud

Learn how smartShift Intelligent Automation® helped Nilfisk convert its SAP environment into a cost-effective and predictable SLA-driven SaaS model that includes continuous modernization.

Save Investments, Money and Time by Leveraging Automation to Modernize Your SAP Landscape to Clean Core

Leading Global Manufacturer Jabil modernized its SAP environment to clean core: Remediated 5 Million Lines of Custom Code in 5 Weeks and Reduced Dual Maintenance Costs by 20% with smartShift