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South Africa - Sun City - Sun City Ressort
10th - 11th July 2023

Visit smartShift at the biennal African SAP User Group Congress SAPHILA in Sun City!

smartShift @ AFSUG SAPHILA

For the first time ever, smartShift is sponsor of the African SAP User Group congress. Meet the smartShift experts, our customer BMW and lots of partners at the biggest SAP user conference all over Africa, SAPHILA 2023! Join our customer speech  with BMW and visit the smartShift booth to learn more about the advantages of smartShift Intelligent Automation®. 

Because conventional approaches to handling custom code are labor-intensive, time-consuming, risky and superficial. Learn how AI-powered Automation provides a smarter way to S/4HANA and a SAP Clean Core.

Accelerate your SAP Transformation and S/4HANA Transition!

smartShift Presentations at SAPHILA 2023:
Gain Valuable Customer Insights

How Automation Helps BMW Transform their SAP Systems

S/4HANA, Large Scale Automation, Code Transformation & Cleanup, Code Security

Presentation Details

BMW, a smartShift customer

South Africa - Sun City - Sun City Ressort

Automation is the answer to the S/4HANA transformation

smartShift uses proprietary Intelligent Automation to accelerate and de-risk SAP transformation, cloud migration, and the delivery of next-generation managed services for the world’s most innovative companies. smartShift Intelligent Automation reduces the risk, cost, and duration of complex IT transformations, enabling organizations to seamlessly upgrade their SAP systems and migrate to high-performance next-generation cloud computing environments. We enable S/4HANA conversions in a matter of months, minimizing business disruption, and freeing up limited IT resources to focus on higher value, more strategic work.

  • While transformation is important to organizations today, it comes with an inherent risk that technologies like automation can help reduce
  • Automation can be equally useful to organizations once their systems and software has been transformed as during the transformation process itself
  • The real value of automation is how it can impact the transformation process itself, not just the solutions that can be automated once the transformation is complete

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