smartSuite for SAP on Cloud

Running SAP in the cloud makes it scaleable, extensible and cost-effective.
smartShift’s smartSuite services make it run like SaaS and keeps it up-todate with
upgrades bundled in. Unleash SAP’s power to perform. We’ll make sure it does.

SAP Cloud Management Challenges


  • A cloud shift is a cultural shift that your people might not fully embrace
  • Internal security policies may make cloud adoption difficult

Lack of Skills

  • Cloud management requires skillsets your internal staff may not have
  • Cloud infrastructure management and monitoring is tactical, not strategic

Business Disruption

  • Any infrastructure migration can be disruptive to your business
  • Integrating new toolsets into your existing ITSM can be challenging

Cost Optimization

  • Cloud infrastructure offers considerable savings, but to maximize it you need to be familiar with cloud cost optimization
  • The cost benefits of the cloud can only be truly realized if you offload its management to a trusted partner

Why is smartSuite for SAP different?

Whether you’re already running SAP in the cloud, or you want smartShift to get you there, performing the day-to-day tasks to manage, monitor and support your infrastructure doesn’t let you free your people to focus on innovation. The best SaaS products in the world leverage the cloud to provide you with access to the features and functions you need, without having to worry about the infrastructure it runs on or how and when to roll out upgrades. Now, your mission-critical SAP platforms can feel like SaaS.

smartShift’s smartCMP (Cloud Management Platform) incorporates our proprietary Intelligent Automation Platform to allow us to set up standardized best-practice SAP landscapes quickly and accurately. Customers use smartCMP to view dashboards of landscape health and trends, and to interact with our smartSuite team. The team ensures that your SAP platforms, applications and databases meet strict SLAs for availability. They manage the backup/restore, high-availability and disaster recovery features you’ve chosen for your solution. They’re available 24x7x365 with guaranteed response times for issue response and resolution.

Continuous ModernizationSM is standard with smartSuite, and is also implemented via smartCMP and the Intelligent Automation Platform. It includes OS, DB and SAP upgrades, as well as ongoing ABAP custom code health monitoring and remediation to ensure that new development is performant and compliant with a wide array of standards. Data volume management can be included as well.

smartSuite offers truly next-generation managed services for SaaS-like operation of your most critical business support systems. We give you single-vendor simplicity with one fixed monthly bill to pay, and one very big thing you don’t have to worry about.

Comprehensive Full-Stack Cloud Managed Services


smartCMP builds best-practice cloud infrastructure in minutes. Intelligent automation ensures that your systems and code stay healthy.


smartShift supports and manages the systems we modernize, providing you with real SLAs for real peace-of-mind.


Our proprietary technology and methods are based on decades of real-world experience helping the world’s best companies achieve their IT goals.

Cost Innovation

We offer industry-leading zero-upfront payment terms. smartSuite services allow you to spread the cost of implementation over the life of your contract.


Our approaches, and the people who implement them, are all automation-aware and well-versed in remote delivery. We strive to minimize impact to your personnel.

Continuous ModernizationSM

True modernization never stops. smartSuite includes OS, DB and SAP upgrades, code health automation and more for no additional cost.

Trusted by Many of the World’s Largest SAP Customers

smartShift’s automation has been used to modernize over 1,000 SAP systems, analyzing and converting 2 billion+ lines of code with an error rate of less than 0.1%.

“Special thanks to my teams from BMW IT/Business and smartShift for all their efforts in 2018 making this pioneering work happen.”


– Martin Kruger, BMW Project Manager

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