When You Suddenly Need a Remote Work Solution, smartShift Can Deliver

By Sean Sheeran, VP, Solutions Engineering

As uncertainty grows due the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses and organizations are facing an immediate need to have their people work remotely. Some organizations are set up to support remote work, but many are not ready, and likely can’t afford the outlay of millions of dollars to build a massive infrastructure upgrade. If a college suddenly needs to enable remote learning, how does it give students access to large expensive applications that might normally only be available to them in a lab? If a call center suddenly needs its employees to stay home, how can they ensure that the staff have access to all the tools they need to do their job?

smartShift Technologies can help businesses and schools set up a cloud infrastructure, create a network, and make VPN connections to data centers, as needed, in order to serve remote employees/students so they can operate normally. Leveraging smartShift’s Intelligent Automation and the cloud, our team can provide a fast, effective way for organizations to create quick-response Virtual Digital Infrastructure (VDI)/remote desktop Workspaces that can enable productivity in a time of uncertainty.

Colleges, call centers, and organizations of all kinds can use VDI or remote desktop option on the cloud
Some colleges and universities have online classes, but those institutions that are now turning to remote learning to protect their students and staff from the spread of the coronavirus may not have the infrastructure to serve the range of classes they usually offer in person. For example, some “lab” classes offer students access to large, complex applications that are too expensive for students to own individually. How, for example, does a math lab offer access to Maple, an application for pre calc and calculus students, if the students aren’t able to come to the lab?

Another example of a remote work challenge is a call center. To work at home, call center employees would need access to all the tools they usually use onsite to serve customers, and those expensive, complex applications cannot be downloaded onto every staffer’s home computer. How can a call center business move the staffer’s onsite desktop onto a home computer to enable staff to work offsite?

In any organization, there will be people who do not have access to a computer at home, so another challenge to remote work is creating access to big applications for staff/students who don’t have the means to have their own laptop or desktop.

smartShift can help deliver a remote work solution – fast
The cloud offers a quick, clean solution for remote work and smartShift has the expertise to get it up and running fast, in as little as a few days. smartShift will set up a VDI/remote desktop that mimics the desktop a user would have onsite and provides access to the tools they need at home. Using AWS Workspace or Azure Virtual Private Desktop, smartShift creates a web page where staff or students can log in with credentials and access the virtual desktop they would see if they were onsite. This allows users to access very heavy programs, like Maple, or a complex call center application on a home computer or on something as simple as a low-cost Chromebook, which organizations can provide to address the issue of users who don’t have access to a computer.

smartShift can create secure connections to your data center and help with testing and supporting the solution, providing real value to an organization that might be under stress due to unanticipated events. We provide white glove service that supports you through every step of the process, and then deliver 24/7 support of the solutions for as long as you need it.

Once the need for remote work ends, organizations will have a cloud-based VDI/Remote desktop solution to fall back on as part of their continuity plan for any future challenges.

smartShift keeps your business moving forward
smartShift can help any company, school, or organization set up VDI/remote desktop Workspaces via the cloud to enable remote work. We have the experience and expertise, we know all the security needs, and we have all the adaptations to support highly-regulated industries, such as healthcare. We can set up a system that is quick, secure, and managed and make sure your business keeps moving forward.

Microsoft Azure: Windows Virtual Desktop
Please click on the following video tutorial, which demonstrates how to set up a remote work infrastructure to support the needs of classrooms and workforces that are new to working remotely.

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