Water Utility Company

smartShift was selected by a private water utility company to plan and execute an SAP HANA and cloud migration and upgrade project. The water utility company provides a broad range of operations, maintenance, and management services, including water production, treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, customer service, and utility infrastructure construction management. It uses SAP to support its most critical business functions, including accounting, customer service, analytics, regulatory compliance, and more. The primary drivers for the migration project were the company’s aging technical infrastructure, including software versions and hardware approaching the end of support, along with a future projection of aggressive growth and a desire to modernize. The company also wanted to lower their total cost of ownership and improve capabilities. They chose smartShift as their partner for this project due to smartShift’s expertise in SAP and the cloud, their unique automation approach to reduce risk and accelerate the migration, and their reputation for cost efficiency.

The Challenge:
smartShift’s challenge was to migrate the water utility’s systems to HANA on cloud infrastructure and achieve a number of short- and long-term goals. The company wanted to reduce IT costs for onsite infrastructure and management by migrating workloads to the cloud. Workloads include ECC, BW, CRM, GRC, Work Manager, Solution Manager and several others. The water utility needed to modernize their core SAP system to stay current on SAP release levels for maintenance. By realizing performance improvements on SAP HANA and establishing the technical baseline required, the company would be able to make use of modern SAP capabilities and new SAP features. Finally, after achieving all these goals, the company would be in a good position to begin the conversion of the system to SAP S/4HANA to improve future operations. The smartShift team had the tools and the expertise to help the water utility company conquer these challenges and reach their goals.

The Approach:
smartShift used its software and the expertise of its team to transform, simplify, and modernize the water utility company’s systems, including SAP upgrades, transition to the cloud, customer code management, and automated code transformation. smartShift’s cloud hosting and management solution deployed highly available and secure environments on the cloud, complying with security standards and best practices. The smartShift team delivered an end-to-end HANA migration analysis and plan in four weeks, using Intelligent Automation to develop the plan based on detailed scoping analysis. They provided on-schedule HANA go-live migrations within six months and fulfilled all requirements for HANA enabled improvements. smartShift leveraged its expertise in automation to enable full HANA compliance across the ABAP customer code repository, HANA performance optimization, and improvements to maintenance, stability, and architecture. The water utility company was able to focus its internal resources on business requirements and innovation while smartShift managed the heavy lifting of executing the upgrade.

The Results:
smartShift’s agile approach delivered a risk managed and optimized solution that addressed core transformation and migration needs, and minimized downtime and immediate impact to non-core systems. smartShift’s approach delivered the project on time in less than six months, while also accommodating changes from the business-as-usual landscapes to prevent disruption of the water utility company’s day-to-day business needs.  After system upgrades were live and the migration to the cloud was complete, smartShift performed a resource analysis for optimization and expense reduction. smartShift continues to provide operational support, monitoring, and management on the cloud platform. Ultimately, the water utility company was able to upgrade, modernize, and optimize its systems, lower costs, and do so with minimal disruption of day-to-day business, thanks to the expertise and planning by the smartShift team.