SAP Dual Maintenance. Simplified.

Are unmanageable development freezes putting your SAP modernization dreams on hold?
smartShift Intelligent Automation™ allows you to maintain full business velocity with automated code comparison, merge, and transformation for even the most complex dual-maintenance needs.

Benefits of Dual Maintenance With smartShift Retrofit

Business Agility

  • Drives faster time-to-market
  • Facilitates non-disruptive change
  • Optimizes resources utilization
  • Guarantees business-driven SLAs

Technical Agility

  • Integrates with any change control framework
  • Eliminates code freezes
  • Simplifies IT project planning
  • Reduces errors and rework


  • Automated process scalability for maximum velocity with minimum impact
  • Automated analysis for data-driven planning
  • Extremely high quality reduces project risk

Cost Savings

  • Automation-centric approach drives down cost
  • Fixed cost allows you to budget with no fear of overruns
  • Eliminates hidden costs of frustration and burnout by allowing key personnel to focus on strategic innovation

Why Do You Need Automated Dual Maintenance?

To put it simply, smartShift Retrofit allows you to maintain full business velocity while undertaking complex SAP transformation projects.

Large-scale SAP transformation projects–most notably S/4HANA conversions–create the need to ensure that every change in your Business-as-Usual landscape makes it into the transformation project landscape so that there are no big gaps at go-live. Often, IT departments are forced to implement development freezes to minimize the impact of too much change.

In reality, the impact on the business of such freezes is unacceptable. Important projects that cannot wait for your future go-live are slowed down, postponed, sometimes cancelled. In general, development backlogs get bigger while agile innovation grinds to a halt.

In the past, solving the dual maintenance problem required more time, risk, and cost than was typically feasible. smartShift Intelligent Automation™, at the core of every smartShift Retrofit solution, changes all of this.

How Does smartShift Retrofit Solve the Problem?

We’ll let one of our most successful smartShift Retrofit customers–JBS USA–answer the question for us…

“As any S/4 system was developed, we would still operate our business in our current SAP environment and would be making changes in that system every week. This called for maintenance across parallel environments. We’d need to keep our existing customizations, while transforming them and pushing them to work in S/4 as the system developed.

As we continue to operate our business in our current SAP environment and make changes every week, smartShift uses automation to mimic that change in S/4 and ensure new developments are integrated into the development landscape automatically. So when we eventually go live, we’ll know that we’re current with every customization that we’ve done in our production system.”

-Colin Cole, IT Director, JBS USA

Click here to learn how JBS USA eliminated 30,000 hours of manual work from its S/4HANA conversion, all while retaining full business velocity.

A Cutting-Edge Solution for Dual Maintenance Automation

smartShift Intelligent Automation™ makes smartShift Retrofit the most comprehensive solution for custom code dual maintenance.

Code Comparison

smartShift’s unique capabilities to detect and understand all of your code’s properties and dependencies allow us to quickly and accurately find all discrepancies and conflicts between systems. ABAP version control tracks and reconciles all changes.

Code Merge

Intuitive reports, screens, and workflows allow you to easily understand how smartShift Retrofit will resolve conflicts and merge changes. smartShift Intelligent Automation can enact all changes at the push of a button.

Code Modernization

smartShift Retrofit includes all of smartShift’s powerful code transformation rules. We don’t just merge code, we ensure that it is 100% compatible with the target system (such as S/4HANA), secure, and performant.

Advanced Integration

Our highly-customizable workflows and direct API integration with SAP ChaRM and Basis Technologies ActiveControl allow smartShift Retrofit to fit into your specific change management framework.

Expertise & Support

Every smartShift Retrofit Solution is delivered by a team of experts who consult with you to make sure that the solution meets your specific needs. smartShift personnel implement and operate smartShift Retrofit as a part of your team, ensuring the best possible results, and guaranteeing support whenever you need it.

Trusted by Many of the World’s Largest SAP Customers

smartShift’s automation has been used to modernize over 1,000 SAP systems, analyzing and converting 2 billion+ lines of code with an error rate of less than 0.1%.

Click the logos below to read more about customers who have automated their Dual Maintenance with smartShift.

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