SAP Code Consolidation & Carve-out

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures create unique challenges for your SAP systems.
smartShift’s Intelligent Automation Platform can accelerate and de-risk SAP system
consolidations and carve-outs while giving you better control of your SAP custom code.

SAP Code Consolidation & Carve-out Challenges

Analysis & Planning

  • Lack of visibility of integration or carve-out challenges in the early planning stages?
  • No ability to simulate results prior to execution

Manual Fixes

  • Reliance on people to address thousands of custom code issues is costly, error-prone and time-consuming?
  • Human capital is wasted on performing non-strategic tasks

Business Disruption

  • Transformation success is highly dependent on fast execution
  • Business downtime must be kept to a minimum
  • End users need to be protected from unforeseen impacts


  • Shortcuts taken during a manual transformation add technical debt?
  • Future innovation and modernization options can be more difficult if transformation is not consistent

Why use smartShift’s SAP Code Consolidation & Carve-Out service?

The success of a merger or acquisition of business units depends on timely IT integration. Infrastructure, data and processes must be brought together and adapted to the new business model as effectively as possible. The aim is to keep downtimes of business-critical systems to a minimum and to make optimal use of synergies.

When merging country-specific systems, it is important to consider country-specific processes as well as to standardize organizational structures such as company codes, controlling areas, plants and sales units.

A carve-out is one of the most complex tasks for an organization. Not only do organizational and procedural changes have to be managed, but removing a business unit from an existing organization is also challenging from a technological point of view. The key question is how existing IT structures should be transferred. Data, systems and processes must be adapted.

smartShift’s solutions for SAP Consolidation & Carve-out are powered by our Intelligent Automation Platform to execute these transformation projects quickly and securely, on-time and on-budget. Our automated and highly transparent solutions enable you to plan, simulate and execute even the most complex business transformations.

Timeframes can be reduced by up to 75 percent versus traditional approaches, allowing you to attain the desired value of your transformation faster. The extremely high quality and consistency of our automated transformation speeds up testing cycles and insulates your users from unnecessary work. Intelligent Automation provides unprecendented options for future-proof, maintainable and extendable custom processes in your SAP systems

A Full-Spectrum of SAP Code Consolidation & Carve-out Solutions


Code analyzed for technical issues, hard-coding, conflicts, usage, interfaces and dependencies to plan and simulate Consolidation and Carve-out scenarios


Automatically resolve Code Conflicts, rename conflicting objects and dependencies


Automate required code remediation for Upgrades, Unicode, HANA, S/4HANA, cloud readiness, code standardization and modernization


Automatically merge User-Exits, Enhancements, Standard DDIC Enhancements, Clones, Modifications, Workflows


Automatically lift and shift selected objects and dependencies based on business input and technical criteria


Apply smartShift’s Security Framework to harden custom developments in your consolidated or carved-out system


Automatically rename and refactor according to customer naming conventions and standards


Automatically refactor code into dependent super-packages with clearly distinguished components for future cloud-readiness


Harmonize hard-coded business literals and automatically replace with a flexible, maintainable solution

Trusted by Many of the World’s Largest SAP Customers

smartShift’s automation has been used to modernize over 1,000 SAP systems, analyzing and converting 2 billion+ lines of code with an error rate of less than 0.1%.

AstraZeneca and smartShift collaborate in a multi-year, phased consolidation program to move eight mission critical SAP ERP systems to a single ERP system per region, each running on the SAP HANA database.

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