SAP Code Stability & Resilience

SAP system stability can be compromised by the way your custom code is
implemented. A single issue can bring your system down. They’re especially hard to
find and fix. Our intelligent automation can find and fix issues before they affect you.

SAP Application Stability & Resilience Challenges

Lack of Perspective

  • Most analysis tools produce an overabundance of generic findings
  • Really important problems are hidden like needles in a haystack


  • Issues are presented without considering the context where they are identified
  • A real prioritization of issues is not possible

Analysis Only

  • Customers are forced to fix thousands of stability issues manually
  • Legacy technical debt cannot be addressed

Tedious Remediation

  • Development teams are burdened with repetitive, tedious tasks instead of focusing on implementing real business value
  • Manual approaches are costly, time-consuming and low-quality

Why rely on smartShift’s Stability & Resilience Solution?

Multiple factors such as network and hardware issues, configuration, interfaces, and coding quality can impact SAP system stability. Coding-related issues can have a massive impact – a single issue can stop a SAP production system in its tracks.

One of the biggest misconceptions about custom code remediation is that you only have to worry about it when you need to undertake a large transformation project. This leaves a lot of room for error, because custom development is a constant source of change.

Existing Code Scanners produce huge result sets and a lot of false positives. It’s hard to see the wood for the trees, and theses tools don’t provide reliable and intelligent automation to fix the issues they identify without requiring a lot of human effort.

smartShift offers the only solution in the market, which:

  • Provides a Multidimensional Analysis combining code- and system-level information (like performance statistics, core dumps, etc.) to identify only relevant stability and resilience issues in your SAP Custom Code.
  • Uses Intelligent Automation to actually fix the identified stability and resilience problems in custom code.
  • Relieves internal teams from having to perform tedious, repetitive development tasks.

The best ABAP Code Stability & Resilience Solution

Multidimensional Analysis

Combine code- and system-level information (performance statistics, core dumps, etc.) to identify the relevant stability and resilience issues in your SAP custom code


Fix thousands of stability & resilience issues such as performance problems, missing exception handling, etc. with smartShift’s Intelligent Automation Platform.


We only address the issues which are truly critical for your application stability. Testing efforts are limited to only required changes.

Trusted by Many of the World’s Largest SAP Customers

smartShift’s automation has been used to modernize over 1,000 SAP systems, analyzing and converting 2 billion+ lines of code with an error rate of less than 0.1%.

“In 2019, one single coding issue caused a 5h outage of a core SAP production system for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company. The outage resulted in a loss of hundreds of production units causing a multi-million dollar damage for the company. After that smartShift was hired to identify and fix stability and resilience issues in their full SAP system landscape.”

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