SAP Code Security

Enterprise security is a multidimensional, evolving challenge across the
technology stack. smartShift provides the only solution on the market for
automated security hardening for SAP-based business applications.

ABAP Code Security Implementation Challenges

Security Audits

  • Lack of visibility of security issues limits your ability to pass compliance audits
  • Manual fixes are not well documented and traceable

Manual Fixes

  • Relying on people to find and fix vulnerabilities is risky
  • Manual fixes are error prone
  • Human capital is expensive

Business Disruption

  • Security fixes may unintentionally restrict user access to needed functions
  • Lack of a standard methodology to minimize disruption

Unused Code

  • Old/obsolete custom code is likely to have security flaws
  • 40-60% of custom code in an SAP system may be unused
  • Safely removing unused code is the best security measure and also reduces maintenance costs

Why use smartShift’s Code Security and Compliance Solution?

Security and compliance issues often come to the forefront when it’s least convenient: after a breach, just before an audit, or during a large development project. Reactive approaches are not desirable, nor are traditional development practices that don’t reduce legacy technical debt. Manual approaches are costly, take much time, and produce low quality. Unlike traditional code analysis tools and approaches, smartShift’s solution doesn’t burden you with fixing thousands of security issues manually with no way to determine if they’re truly valid up front.

The patented smartShift Intelligent AutomationTM Platform identifies security vulnerabilities in application code. It considers the relationship between code, SAP security model, and OS configuration to ensure that issues are properly adjudicated as either automatically fixable (and fixes them), false positive, or requiring manual review.

Implementing security fixes will have a major impact on your business unless authorization setup is perfect. This requires a non-disruptive, step-by-step approach. smartShift incorporates a non-disruptive framework for resolving security issues into our delivery methodology. We provide reporting and auditing support for application development and at runtime. Our combination of technology, expertise, and support addresses all of your code security needs.

A Full-Spectrum SAP Code Security Solution


Our Intelligent Automation identifies common security problems in ABAP custom code like missing Authority Checks, Directory Traversal, Hard Code User names, etc


Intelligent Automation finds more issues and fixes them consistently. Other tools only identify issues, we find them more effectively and fix them automatically.


smartShift addresses the relationship between code, SAP security model, and OS configuration.

Tool Synergy

smartShift’s tools and methodologies work with and enhance SAP CVA, Onapsis Code Profiler and others. Other tools only find issues. We fix them.


We provide a methodology and non-disruptive security remediation customized to your business


We provide a risk-free approach to code decommisioning, solving security issues that may be lurking in obsolete custom development.

Trusted by Many of the World’s Largest SAP Customers

smartShift’s automation has been used to modernize over 1,000 SAP systems, analyzing and converting 2 billion+ lines of code with an error rate of less than 0.1%.

“For a global automotive OEM, our Intelligent Automation Platform and advanced methodologies addressed tens of thousands of security issues, decommissioned over 8 million lines of code and reduced IT risk by an estimated €50 million.”

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