SAP Analysis & Roadmap

How do you know that your SAP modernization roadmap will take you where
you need to go? smartShift has the advanced tools and expertise to help.

SAP Modernization Challenges


  • SAP is powerful, broad-spanning and complex to navigate
  • Legacy customizations and configurations are often poorly understood and not well documented
  • Mapping SAP’s innovation roadmap to your own requires deep expertise

Infrastructure Lock-In

  • Traditional on-premise and hosted infrastructure is hard to scale
  • SAP technical requirements can be hard to keep up with
  • The flexibility to spin up temporary testing or lab/sandbox environments doesn’t exist outside of the cloud

Business Disruption

  • SAP modernization efforts demand substantial time from your critical personnel
  • Lack of timely, proactive support can cause unnecessary business downtime
  • Support for you SAP landscape’s hardware and software requires your platform to be up-to-date

High Costs

  • Upgrading hardware to support SAP modernization requires high capital expenditure
  • Non-mainstream support for obsolete systems is very expensive
  • The opportunity cost of running last-generation systems is a hidden drain on your business
  • Inability to meet changing security requirements can be an audit nightmare with crippling financial exposure

Why use smartShift’s SAP Analysis & Roadmapping Service?

SAP is the digital backbone of your business. It provides very powerful solutions to address the most complex business challenges. All of this capability, built over decades, leads to systems and processes that can be difficult to understand, use and update. With so many business units reliant upon your SAP systems, reaching consensus for your modernization roadmap is hard, if not impossible.

Adding to this, platform and data security is increasingly critical and complex to address, innovation and competitive advantage must be prioritized, and internal and external user/customer satisfaction cannot be neglected. SAP’s extensibility and customizability lets you integrate all of your business’ unique requirements to meet these needs. With so many solutions and options, most SAP customers struggle to make choices that ensure that maximize future scalability, flexibility, performance and security.

For example, companies that have been longstanding users of SAP systems have large amounts of customizations that have been developed over time to support their growth and ever-changing business needs. This code, much of which may have become obsolete over time, creates technical debt, security holes, and stands in the way of innovation by impeding modernization projects and upgrades.

Our SAP Analysis & Roadmap service uses Intelligent Automation to create data-driven plans for projects that deliver guaranteed results on-time with fixed pricing and guaranteed quality. Whether your next step is a cloud move, Unicode conversion, HANA migration, S/4HANA conversion, Microservices refactoring, or any combination of these, we have proven tools and solutions to match. For example, our unique MVP (Minimum Viable Product) methodology is focused on getting you to S/4HANA with only mandatory changes, so that you can minimize upfront risk and focus on innovation opportunities after you’ve converted.

We increase our customers’ digital transformation speed and quality while reducing their risk and cost.

Comprehensive Analysis for Modernization Roadmapping


Combine and enhance SAP reports and data with smartShift’s proprietary platform to design, plan and document best-practice, cloud-agnostic application and infrastructure.


Detect code conflicts between tiers in your landscape and develop plans to resolve them.

Consolidate & Carve-out

Identify conflicts while consolidating SAP systems. Scope custom code and dependencies to be carved-out e.g. to your Greenfield S/4HANA system.

Lean & Secure

Use smartShift’s Security Automation to analyze your custom development and lay the groundwork to address any issues. Identify unused code and prepare for safe decommissioning.


Analyze code custom code for upgrade, Unicode, HANA, S/4HANA, cloud readiness, code standardization and modernization issues

Analysis & Roadmap

smartShift’s automated analysis results are built from a comprehensive analysis of your systems. We use your custom development as a lens to see your requirements and recommned the best path.


Decode your systems’s unique configuration and customization to target functions that can be automatically rebuilt as highly-scaleable microservices.


Analyze inbound and outbound connections to your SAP landscape, including custom code integration, to ensure that everything is accounted for.


Rather than relying solely on theoreticals, we can prototype your potential future SAP system with representative code and data to give you hands-on experience.

Trusted by Many of the World’s Largest SAP Customers

smartShift’s automation has been used to modernize over 1,000 SAP systems, analyzing and converting 2 billion+ lines of code with an error rate of less than 0.1%.

In the case study of our customer Dohler, you will learn how smartShift managed a smooth transition to S/4HANA.

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