Preview Your SAP System on S/4HANA

Are you delaying your S/4HANA project due to uncertainty? Are you challenged with understanding the feasibility and process to move your SAP system to S/4HANA?  Wouldn’t you rather discover the potential issues and benefits of this mandatory migration today? smartShift provides a fast and cost-effective way of providing you a preview of your SAP system on S/4HANA. Inform your roadmap and be fully prepared for the migration. The PoC includes:

  • Pilot conversion of existing instance in S/4HANA
  • Execution of predefined test scenarios for critical processes
  • Gain insights on timeline, efforts, and transformation approach

Join SAP customers like Arla Foods, a €10B Danish multinational and the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia, who recently completed the smartShift PoC and had this to say: “The POC left Arla comfortable around a brownfield conversion approach and gave Arla insights into key focus areas, to prepare for future conversion” 

We currently have a limited number of slots for the smartShift S/4HANA PoC, starting at just 50k. Fill out the form and one of our experts will schedule a call to discuss your PoC today.  

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