Nilfisk SAP HANA Migration

Headquartered in Brøndby, Denmark, Nilfisk is a supplier of professional cleaning equipment in the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. As a longtime SAP customer, Nilfisk was ready to migrate to SAP Suite on HANA and SAP Business Warehouse on HANA. In order to facilitate a HANA migration, Nilfisk needed to move to a HANA-certified data center. Nilfisk’s previous IT hosting provider conducted the move to the new data center, along with a database migration from Microsoft SQL Server to SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) to save on licensing fees. Nilfisk planned to then do an in-place HANA migration to take advantage of SAP’s next-generation technology, new features, and functionality and ongoing support — but they hit some roadblocks. A year after moving to the new data center, Nilfisk was unsatisfied with the results. They began looking for help to execute their HANA migration and make the jump to the cloud. Nilfisk partnered with smartShift to resolve their issues and complete a successful migration to SAP HANA.

The Challenge: Help Nilfisk realize the benefits, reliability, and functionality of SAP HANA
Nilfisk’s IT hosting provider was unable to address the availability, stability and performance challenges that arose after the move to the new data center and the migration to ASE. Nilfisk knew they needed help and began to look for a partner that could offer a complete solution. smartShift offered its “ONE Buy smartShift” solution to migrate Nilfisk to SAP HANA in the cloud with no upfront investment, one fixed monthly bill, and one vendor to take full responsibility for the end-to-end migration and ongoing support. The smartShift team outlined how they could help Nilfisk get the reliability and functionality needed from SAP HANA. One of the biggest challenges was a tight timeline. Nilfisk was pressed to find and execute a new solution, or they would incur significant cost for legacy infrastructure they didn’t need.

The Approach: smartShift helps Nilfisk overcome obstacles to make the project successful
smartShift delivered analysis and planning for the project in a tight two-week period, preparing to migrate Nilfisk from its incumbent supplier to a private cloud.

It became clear once the project was underway that this was not going to be a simple migration. Due to technical and architectural issues in their existing hosted environment uncovered during early rounds of the cloud migration process, smartShift had to adapt and redesign the migration strategy mid-stream. Before the HANA migration of Nilfisk’s ECC system was possible, smartShift had to lift-and-shift it to the cloud. The challenges were addressed with expertise, flexibility, and an unwavering commitment to the customer’s success. For example, when network issues in the legacy data center threatened to delay go-live, smartShift physically transported data via airplane to the new data center in Amsterdam to keep the project on schedule.

Despite significant constraints, smartShift was able to successfully complete the full migration to the private cloud in nine months, helping Nilfisk avoid hefty additional charges from its incumbent provider.

The Results: Nilfisk enjoys better performance while simplifying costs
“We required a turnkey and simple solution to modernize and manage SAP so we can focus our resources on more strategic technology challenges,” said Thomas Okke Frahm, CIO of Nilfisk, “that’s why we partnered with smartShift.”

smartShift’s team planned and executed the project in an exceptionally tight timeframe, using their expertise and experience to overcome unanticipated roadblocks. As a result, Nilfisk successfully migrated to SAP HANA and was able to take advantage of cost savings and advanced functionality. smartShift’s agile approach helped avoid critical downtime during the migration. SAP HANA provided measurable improvements, with some programs seeing 5x performance improvements. Nilfisk had the advantage of a fixed monthly cost and single-vendor accountability for hosting its SAP solution, as well as a subscription model that will
provide ongoing upgrades and support for years. smartShift was pleased to deliver outstanding results to Nilfisk, thanks to the dedicated efforts of its team and a strong partnership with the customer.