Evonik’s accelerated HCM on HANA Project

After the successful migration of their central HR system using smartShift’s automation technology, Evonik confirmed that it would not have been possible to perform a SAP HANA database migration without smartShift. All other alternatives would have taken much longer, and the organizational overhead could not have been committed. smartShift proved once again that reliable planning and delivery of fixed price, fixed time intelligent automation services in critical SAP applications remains a unique value proposition.

Evonik’s HCM on SAP HANA Upgrade Project

The central SAP HR system at Evonik, which hosts payroll runs for different countries, was selected to be migrated to SAP’s HANA database along with an EhP-upgrade and a data center migration.

Initial analysis by smartShift showed that around 16.400 violations in custom code needed to be addressed for SAP HANA database compatibility and SAP HANA database performance optimization. In total, approximately 14.000 custom code objects were in scope!

Transformation Speed Was Crucial

smartShift was selected by Evonik following a successful consolidation project supported by smartShift for the same SAP system landscape. Only a small time window for custom code remediation was possible – the transformation needed to be done within 10 days. So, a fast approach was necessary that was reliable and of high quality. Automation stood out from manual remediation as the superior solution, and smartShift is the acknowledged leader in automated transformation.

Agility and Flexibility

Not only the critical HR application hosting payrolls for several countries was a specialty in this project. Moreover, the SAP HANA target release was only available after the move to a new data center. In addition, Evonik had ongoing custom development needs and could not tolerate a code freeze. During the dual maintenance phase, smartShift performed two delta runs to ensure custom development done during this upgrade project was HANA compliant.

Unprecedented Quality

During 6 weeks of extensive test phases, only 2 issues were reported as errors. Compared to the number of changes we performed – more than 8.000 changes in approximately 2.000 objects – smartShift’s automated transformation accuracy rate was an astonishing 99.98%. Evonik was therefore able to focus its time and resources on other tasks, such as resolving functional areas impacted by the EhP upgrade.

Performance boost achieved with automated transformation

Evonik’s project manager confirmed that a migration without smartShift’s automation capabilities would not have been an option. This assessment was confirmed in multiple aspects after the successful go-live.

In addition, since smartShift also automatically addressed potential HANA performance issues, there was no reported issue with respect to performance after the successful go-live. In fact, in some areas of their HR system (e.g., payroll runs), the performance improvements were tremendous.

What’s Next

Evonik remains very happy with their decision to choose smartShift for their HR migration project to SAP HANA. In the context of future EhP upgrades and S/4HANA conversions, smartShift will be known to Evonik as a strategic transformation partner that delivers high-quality, fast and reliable project results.

More detailed project results are available upon request. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if your digital transformation project is knocking on the door.