Clarus Commerce

Clarus Commerce is a leading white label, customer royalty program solutions provider, with three decades of experience designing end-to-end royalty programs, and a customer base that includes Amazon, Mastercard, Visa, Condé Nast, and many others. In 2017, Clarus decided it needed to migrate its IT infrastructure to the cloud, so it reached out to smartShift for help in planning and executing the migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Challenge
Clarus executives determined that migrating to the cloud would support the company’s growing business needs, expand IT capabilities, and reduce the total cost of ownership for IT infrastructure. Clarus’ existing IT infrastructure did not provide enough flexibility and scalability to support the growing demands of its customer base. Clarus’ existing infrastructure was unable to support time-efficient scalability and rapid changes in business requirements, so the company chose cloud services from AWS – a change that would make their systems more scalable, secure, and cost effective. Clarus needed a partner to plan and execute the migration quickly without disrupting ongoing business operations.

The Approach
The smartShift team proposed a unique setup to help Clarus maintain high availability and scalability for development, QA, production, and management environments. Because Clarus’ business depends on round-the-clock availability for all its systems, smartShift designed a mirrored Microsoft SQL database. smartShift also guaranteed 100 percent PCI-DSS compliance in every aspect of the system design. The cloud migration team followed the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) to ensure restricted permissions and privilege on resources, and to guarantee the new system would have excellent security, management, performance, and backup solutions. After successfully migrating Clarus’ core app to the cloud in record time, smartShift continued to provide ongoing managed services for the cloud infrastructure, while working to migrate additional apps to the cloud.

One of the core values at smartShift is timely and open communication with all its clients, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and faster project implementation. smartShift ensured this for Clarus by setting up a dedicated 24×7 support helpline, Skype chat support, and round- the-clock email support. In addition to being available 24×7, smartShift also provided Clarus with weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports for all metrics and project status updates.

The Results
smartShift met Clarus’ business need by migrating its IT infrastructure to AWS within 20 weeks, which is an extremely fast timeframe. The Clarus business team immediately noticed a positive change in performance and availability. The migration to AWS helped to enhance PCI-DSS compliance, flexibility, and ease of scaling the infrastructure. Thanks to the effective shift to the cloud and to cloud management services from smartShift, Clarus has realized close to 20 percent cost savings without compromising availability and scalability. By moving to the public cloud, they were able to adapt to new technologies to improve security posture.

Migrating its infrastructure to AWS enabled Clarus to scale its computing environment based on demand without significant capital or labor costs and allowed the company to focus resources on strategic applications and content versus platforms and infrastructure. By transferring the Cloud Infrastructure management to smartShift, Clarus has been able to focus on delivering an enhanced experience to its customers. Embracing the cloud and relying on smartShift to manage the cloud infrastructure has enabled Clarus to focus on its core business for and achieve greater success.