Boost from In Memory Revolution

SAP HANA is an in-memory product, designed to take advantage of the hardware advances of the last decades. SAP’s architecture has been renewed by moving the data management system from disk storage to the main memory of the server. Thismechanism eliminates seek time when querying the data, which provides faster and more predictable performance. The improvements are astonishing. At our clients some particular calculations take days of data processing in conventional architectural setup. With SAP HANA these calculations happen in seconds. Batch processing is converting to real time and this new reality opens doors for rethinking business processes.

Real time batch processing, real-time analytics and eventually delivering information company wide instantaneously via mobile applications changes the way we do business. Employees have all the information needed to make decisions in their hands. Also customers can get access to information that is directly influencing the decisions they are making. Clients are always asking how theycan best utilize mobility across the organization. The in-memory architecture can be the accelerator that gives true value to mobile access.

As a client partner working for smartShift Technologies I encounter clientswith their Road-to-HANA questions and strategies. Although these clients have their specific challenges, there is a generic feeling that the advantages of SAP HANA are clear, but the business case is difficult to make. It is widely accepted that the main components of the business case are total cost of ownership (TCO) savings, productivity savings, business benefits and project costs. 50 to 60% of the value comes from improved business process. It is sometimes hard to get convinced that this value can be achieved. It requires a strong vision, entrepreneurial skills and perseverance to make it happen.

Companies that are able to link the in-memory revolution to mobile access for both employees and customers might be taking a decisive leap forward from the competition.

smartShift Technologies has the expertise and experience to modernize your SAP landscape. We are dedicated to enable our clients to take full advantage of the in-memory performance of SAP HANA quickly, easily, and with less risk through our patented automation technology. Our company has analyzed hundreds of systems for HANA readiness and completed more than forty Suite on HANA projects to date, taking on average three weeks to analyze and migrate the custom code. We provide services beyond the automated remediation of the code and are taking responsibility for Suite on HANA projects end to end where customers are seeking this help.