Automation for Food Industry

smartShift Technologies and Döhler GmbH have applied smartShift’s patented automation algorithms to successfully migrate Döhler’s existing ERP system to SAP S/4 HANA 1610 nearly a month ahead of schedule.

Döhler, a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry, first partnered with smartShift in 2016 after deciding to go for a two-step approach towards S/4HANA – first migrate the ERP system to HANA, then convert it to S/4. In the first step, smartShift’s automated approach and conversion services resolved all HANA issues across 3.7
million lines of code, and 33,000 custom ABAP objects in about 2 weeks. The effective automation rate was an impressive 99.995%. Building on this unprecedented success, Döhler teamed up with smartShift in 2017 to complete the migration of its HANA-compliant ERP system to SAP S/4HANA.

smartShift helped Döhler identify functional issues needing resolution with its user community, while Döhler trusted smartShift to identify, analyze and resolve all of the technical impacts of the migration. smartShift fully remediated more than 5,200 technical issues with a comparable automation rate as in the HANA migration project.

Döhler went live with S/4 HANA 1610 roughly one month earlier than initially planned. By involving smartShift in its ERP system conversion to SAP S/4 HANA, Döhler was able to focus its efforts and energies on resolving key functional issues instead of technical ones. With automation accuracy rates in excess of 99.9%, and supported by HANA and S/4 subject matter experts, smartShift is uniquely positioned to provide customers with vastly superior quality of results on significantly accelerated timelines.

An efficient, effective brownfield migration that leverages smartShift automation to make systems compliant and optimized to reap the full benefits of SAP S/4 HANA has been demonstrated at Döhler. The implication to CIOs and IT professionals around the world contemplating greenfield vs. brownfield SAP system migration strategies is that smartShift may enable a sensible, cost-effective brownfield path forward to modernizing SAP IT landscapes.

“We successfully went live with S/4HANA after a pretty smooth cutover due to the code conversion that smartShift performed.
Most of the issues detected by the SAP Code Inspector could be converted by smartShift, and additional items, not detected by SAP, could be fixed by smartShift so that we could focus on the functional gaps.”
Winfried Winterstein, Döhler Project Lead