Automation for Automotive Group

Capgemini OEM Upgrade

Customer Overview

The customer is one of the world’s most prominent automotive companies. They are one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. In 2013, the customer sold 2.3 million vehicles and employed a workforce of 275,000 people.


The customer wanted to upgrade a large and complex SAP R/3 4.6c finance template, including a substantial modification in Materials Management, Sales and Distribution to SAP ECC 6.0. As part of the same project, they also planned to convert the codebase to Unicode. All of this needed to be done within a strict timeframe of just a few weeks.

What did Capgemini and smartShift Technologies do?

smartShift applied its proprietary technology to automatically perform the necessary custom ABAP code modifications during the upgrade and Unicode migration process. This unique, tool-based transformation approach can also be employed for projects involving systems consolidation and SAP HANA® code optimization. Our partner, Capgemini, carried out the overarching technical system upgrade.

Code Analysis and Remediation:

In contrast to other custom code analysis tools that only inspect code at the object level, smartShift’s automation tools analyze ABAP code at the source code level using patented, model-assisted parser technology. Errors are displayed in categories (syntax, architecture, compliance, etc.). Over 90% of these errors can be rectified with smartShift’s automation.


Our customer enjoyed the following benefits:

Avoiding potential runtime errors: Potential runtime errors within syntax constructs are not identified by UCCHECK.smartShift’s tools detect and correct such errors – avoiding unnecessary iterations during the testing phase.

Architecture improvements: Obsolete ABAP constructs were eliminated. This reduces the burden on the system, improves its performance and saves future cost associated with maintaining the unused code.

Easier maintenance: The customer’s program code was made more readable through explicit typed definition, deletion of obsolete constructs and the use of methods wherever possible.

Coding standards: The process resulted in uniform implementation of SAP and industry-specific coding standards, as well as custom standards and naming conventions set by the customer.

Performance improvements: Syntax constructs, that were not optimized for performance, were modified.

Security: Security vulnerabilities, such as missing authority checks, were identified and eliminated.

Advantages of smartShift’s approach

The use of smartShift’s automation technology during the upgrade and Unicode migration processes resulted in significant advantages:

  • Reliable error detection, as well as correction
  • Significant project cost reductions, due to substantially reduced timeframes and minimal use of human labor hours
  • Precise planning and scope determination resulted in all deadlines being met
  • Significant improvement in code quality, system stability and performance, resulting in system-wide risk reduction
  • Freeing up a significant amount time, which IT personnel were able to use to focus on more strategic initiatives


Capgemini and smartShift’s: The Collaborative Approach

Over many years, Capgemini and smartShift have worked together on multiple projects. Together, we provide meaningful support during the sales and delivery processes of our engagements.

We help our customers enjoy the significant advantages of using an automated approach for code upgrades, migration and optimization.

“Together with smartShift, we demonstrated for this major customer our competence, flexibility, and unique
ability to support their goals.”

Jörg Schneider, Sales Lead SAP Automotive, Capgemini Deutschland GmbH

“Working together with Capgemini, we were able to provide an integrated project approach for the customer. Our automated solutions helped to achieve top quality outcomes within the promised fixed time and fixed cost.”

Jörg Wirthmann, Executive VP of Sales, smartShift Technologies